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Mihran Poghosyan Says Global Progress in Sphere of Human Rights and Freedoms Creates New Challenges for Compulsory Enforcement Officers  2014-10-13 14:16

   The 2nd International Theoretical and Practical Conference on Traditional and Innovative Solutions to Issues Relating to Enforcement Proceedings” in Tsaghkadzor was ceremonially opened by Mihran Poghosyan — RA Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer, Major-General of Justice.
   In his address Mihran Poghosyan mentioned that “the experience gained from various theoretical and practical conferences on issues relating to enforcement proceedings showed that such events surely serve as a specific expert platform for the exchange of information and experience between relevant services of various countries, international organisations and specialists, the strengthening and development of international cooperation”.
He stressed the fact that the necessity and importance of such formats of professional contacts no more need to be substantiated, as they have already proved their significance and efficiency. The RA Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer said he was sure the thematic discussions and viewpoints, ideas expressed, issues raised and final conclusions made during these discussions will open new pages for the professional activities, will enable to get together to think over possible solutions to the issues from the standpoint of their scientific justification and practical application, will promote the progress of activities and serve the objective to ensure enhancement of national and international procedures.
   As to the title of the conference, Mihran Poghosyan stressed that choosing the “Traditional and innovative solutions to issues relating to enforcement proceedings” as a conference title is conditioned by fast scientific, technical, and IT development in the modern world and wide use of their outcomes within the framework of enforcement proceedings.
   He informed that two independent thematic fields were set for the conference in order to help the speakers focus on a narrower consideration of the issues. The first field is entitled “Use of information technology innovations in enforcement procedures: progress and challenges”, and the second one is entitled “Limits on pressuring the debtor according to the execution procedures”.
   “The whole world efficiently introduces modern developments of the information technology sphere into the justice sector and enforcement procedures as well. And this is not by chance that the large volume, as well as the fast, precise and complete sharing of information requires introduction of up-to-date technologies and efficient application in the compulsory enforcement stage,” the RA Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer stressed.
   At the same time, the introduction of existing information technologies in the enforcement procedure system is possible solely where its peculiarities and patterns of operation are taken into account. Therefore a particular emphasis is put on the importance of ensuring the conformity of introduced technologies with requirements of enforcement proceedings, and it makes the key focus of the themes to be discussed during this conference.  
   According to Mihran Poghosyan, on the other hand the global progress in the sphere of human rights and freedoms, enhancement of international and national court practices, establishment and development of new mechanisms for the protection of human rights in the world result in new approaches towards compulsory enforcement procedures and create new challenges for the practice of a compulsory enforcement officer.
   Especially with the introduction of new technologies, the exchange of information and limitation of human rights based on this information in the compulsory enforcement procedure must comply with internationally accepted principles and norms, since the application of information technologies implies, for instance, on the one hand the intrusion into the field of personal data and privacy protection of the debtor, and on the other hand the application of innovative enforcement tools is an efficient means for complete guaranteeing the right of the creditor to fair trial.
   “In this case, naturally, the primary task of a compulsory enforcement officer is the organisation of enforcement proceedings through the use of new technologies as to ensure the balance and protection to the extent possible of the rights and interests of the debtor and creditor. This exact issue and other such issues are to be discussed within the framework of this two-day conference. I would ask you to feel free to raise any issues you are concerned in and express you viewpoints on the thematic fields of the conference, as well as on other issues which you consider to be important and primary for the enforcement procedure.
   According to the RA Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer, each similar event is not just important from the standpoint of its scientific and technical significance, but it is also a good opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with history, culture and traditions of the host country and its people.
   “In this sense I am very happy to welcome you as host and in the nearest future I will assume with great pleasure the responsibility to make you get closer to our history, culture and traditions. 
 I am sure that when departing from Armenia you all will take with you the warmth and spirit of Armenia and its people, which might serve as a prerequisite for your further decision to visit Armenia again. A striking illustration of what I have said is perhaps the presence of our colleagues who attended the first international conference we organised in 2011,” Mihran Poghosyan said concluding his address and giving the floor to Vardan Makaryan, Deputy Chief of Staff to the RA President.

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