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A law is not a law without coercion behind it

2020-02-20 16:43 New staff members joined the Compulsory Enforcement Service

2020-02-10 15:45 Davit Beginyan holds monthly working consultation

2020-01-20 17:13 Compulsory Enforcement Service sums up activities carried out in 2019
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Compulsory Enforcement Service sums up activities carried out in 2019  2020-01-20 17:13
Compulsory Enforcement Service sums up activities carried out in 2019On 20 January, the Compulsory Enforcement Service held an enlarged consultation chaired by Acting Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia, Colonel of Justice Davit Beginyan.
The results of the activities carried out by the Compulsory Enforcement Service in 2019 were considered and summed up during the consultation.
Reports on the amounts of sums levied, the course of enforcement proceedings, as well as other major programmes and actions carried out by the Compulsory Enforcement Service were presented in accordance with the agenda.
In particular, in 2019, the Service processed 1 million 389 thousand 278 proceedings, within the scope of enforcement of which more than AMD 35 billion 881 million was recovered in favour of claimants, and this exceeded the comparable indicator of the previous year by nearly 25.73%.
From the specified indicator, AMD 13 billion 690 million 509 thousand was recovered in favour of the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia, AMD 18 billion 733 million 98 thousand — in favour of legal persons, AMD 1 billion 223 million 611 thousand — in favour of natural persons, AMD 1 billion 471 million 852 thousand — under other (non-property) enforcement proceedings, and AMD 762 million 643 thousand — under enforcement proceedings for securing a claim.
During the compulsory electronic auction, 11 thousand 647 lots were presented, in the amount of AMD 12 billion 197 million 727 thousand, 9762 lots were sold, in the amount of AMD 3 billion 62 million 940 thousand.
Summing up the consultation, Davit Beginyan emphasised the following:
"We will continue the process of making legislative reforms and introducing a new toolkit for information technologies within the Service, as well as intensifying mutual co-operation with the relevant structures within the scope of enforcement proceedings which will be aimed at facilitating the services provided to citizens and raising the level of effectiveness. Each of us has to be consistent with the implementation of those reforms so that we achieve the desired outcome, in observance of all the points of the law. Our mission is to be explicable and deserve the trust of citizens, and to serve our work exclusively for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia and for maintenance of justice."

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