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A law is not a law without coercion behind it

2019-08-02 15:19 Davit Beginyan gives speech at international conference being held in Moscow

2019-08-01 16:07 Acting Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer of the Republic of Armenia Davit Beginyan on a working visit to Moscow

2019-07-22 12:17 Compulsory Enforcement Service informs
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  Dear visitor of this website,

 I welcome you to the official website of the Compulsory Enforcement Service. Our goal is to make the work of the Service more public, open and transparent through the website both for the Republic of Armenia and international society.
On the website, you can find information about the structure, activities and functions of the Service and become familiar with news about the sphere of compulsory enforcement. Stressing the importance of strengthening public confidence in the Service, I am sure that this measure of communication will enhance public awareness.
I hope the information on this website helps you find the answers to the questions of your interest. The Compulsory Enforcement Service hopes also to get your comments and proposals, that will contribute to the continual reinforcement of feedback with the public.

Chief Compulsory Enforcement Officer
of the Republic of Armenia,
Colonel of Justice


  Acts subject to compulsory enforcement:

1) Judicial acts on civil cases, except for judicial acts on the merits of the case on declaring a legal person  or a citizen bankrupt and on instituting competitive proceedings, as well as judicial acts of the Administrative Court of the Republic of Armenia, except for judicial acts on cases provided for in Chapter 24 of the Administrative Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia;

2) Court judgments and decisions on criminal cases in respect to fines, confiscation of property, and levy of execution on property;

3) Awards of arbitral tribunals;

4) In cases provided for by international treaties of the Republic of Armenia, judgments and decisions on civil and economic cases of foreign courts and arbitral tribunals, as well as judgments and decisions on criminal cases of foreign courts in respect to compensation of damage and other levies of execution on property;

5) Judgments and decisions on civil and economic cases of international courts to which the Republic of Armenia is a member (party to) as well as of international arbitral tribunals;

6) Decisions of the Financial Ombudsman;

7) Administrative acts not subject to appeal as prescribed by Chapter 13 of the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On fundamentals of administrative action and administrative proceedings";

8) Notary writ of execution. 

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